iPearls - (2022-2024)

Start date Sept. 2022
End date Dec. 2024
Status Ongoing
Laboratory(ies) 2
Partner(s) 3

iPearls - (2022-2024)

The project aims at producing on a large scale, by encapsulation, hepato-cholangiocyte organoids derived from human pluripotent stem cells in order todeliver a 3D model as close as possible to the human liver.

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Worldwide, the number of innovative biomedicines is increasing fast (today, 50% of ongoing trials and by 2024, 32% of drug sales) but that the production of these medicines remains very complex. Paris Region considers that bioproduction represents a major economic challenge for its territory, for the health system as well as a societal challenge.

Indeed, France lacks industrial bioproduction tools, resulting in a massive supply from abroad. In 2020, France imported 95% of its biotherapies and only produced 5 biotherapies out of the 76 authorized.
To meet these challenges, Paris Region has launched a second edition of its call for projects dedicated to bioproduction in order to encourage innovative industrial players.

iPearls is one of the two winning projects of the "Ile-de-France Leader Bioproduction 2021" call for projects and will receive a grant that amounts to 1.5 million Euros.