The French Institute of BioFabrication is an open research centre dedicated to the construction of bioartificial organs.

The Institute intends to provide biofabrication experts with a specialised and shared research centre of international dimension fully equipped with the most advanced technology and resources.

Bringing together its teams and their expertise will make it possible to share knowledge, reduce lead-time, cut administrative costs and increase efficiency.

Saved lives, new drugs

Transplant indications are increasing but the availability of organs is not sufficient to meet all the needs. Many patients awaiting transplantation die.

Biofabrication will make up for the shortage of organs.

Animal drug testing is extremely expensive and ethically contested and the development of new molecules is very long and uncertain. Mini organs on a chip will allow testing directly on human biological material and will reduce costs and delays.

Biofabrication will facilitate the production of new drugs.

Biofabrication is interdisciplinary and brings engineering sciences, biology and medicine together. It spans from basic research to clinical practice.

  • Stem cells
  • Matrices and biocompatible scaffold
  • Modelisation
  • Micropatterning and bioprinting
  • Bioreactors

The French Institute of BioFabrication has issued its "Tissue and Organ Bioengineering" MOOC online on the FUN platform.

The world's first online course on tissue and organ manufacturing in collaboration with Paris-Saclay University and the Hépatinov University Hospital Federation.

Biofabrication ethics

A broader ethical issue of biofabrication concerns the understanding of this technology by the public (…) any misunderstanding should be avoided: the bioengineer does not produce life, he rather lets himself be led by life (…) the bioengineer could cause the public to think that he is driven by (…) hubris (…) Thus, bioengineering would be the acme of the will to master nature and life. (…) The cross-cutting ethical issue of biofabrication is therefore enormous.

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